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Jewelry and gems are created to inspire generations of appreciation, you just need to find the best Ear Piercing Jewellery Suppliers. With each piece comes an individual expression and unique sentiment. James and Company has extensive experience in custom, one of a kind jewelry creation using traditional and cutting edge methods. We develop pieces using Computer Assisted Design (CAD), wax carving and casting, and through expert hand fabrication. Our jewelers work with a variety of metals including platinum, 14/18K gold (yellow or white) and silver to create lovely moissanite jewelry. We strive to create jewelry as individual as you are. We do every piece of your choice, custom made specially for you, you can choose or we can give you a portfolio to choose from, we have a special collection with the cancer necklace on our top sales, where you can choose your zodiac sign and we will do your necklace or ring. 

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What is CAD?

Computer Assisted Design (CAD) is a tool that blends craftsmanship, art and science together to create precise, refined products. In the right hands, CAD brings previously unheard of levels of detail and imagination to life through design engineering. Rapid prototyping capabilities and three-dimensional printing with Computer Aided Machines (CAM) enable low cost, low risk alternatives to previous methods of custom jewelry creation. Using specialized software similar to what an architect or automotive engineer might use, schematics are rendering in three dimensions – drawings are given depth, texture and proportional shape. Computer aided machines work with specialized software to print renderings using stereo-lithographic or rapid prototyping, instead of a jeweler hand-carving or milling unique designs. CAD custom jewelry making is a more precise, more detailed and more creative method to bring your visions to reality.


We use Computer Assisted Design (CAD) in developing one of a kind, memorable and unique pieces for our clientele.


The custom jewelry making process begins with a concept, an inspiration or a even a simple sketch.


Creating a scaled draft and determining the proportions then leads to a refined schematic.


Using specialized software, CAD enables us to render our schematic drawings in three dimensions before casting.


The casting process gives us a physical reproduction of our rendering and allows us to address any imperfections prior to casting the precious metals and setting gems.

Final Product

The results speak for themselves.